Bootycall n. (booteecawl) 1. The term a man uses when he is screwing a woman that he has no intentions of forming a loving relationship with. He rarely takes her out in public. He does not discuss his personal life with her and does not give a damn about her life 2. A phone call made after 10pm "every now and then" by a man that a woman sees "every now and then" requesting to visit her home 3. A relationship purely based on sex from the man’s point of view, but normally built on hopes and dreams from a women’s perspective

EntrepreNegro ( an’tre pre neg’ gro) n. 1. a brotha with bad credit, many repossessions, several bankruptcies and twice as many evictions; whose only income source is the several “binesess” that he says he owns. 2. A brotha who says he owns several types of “binesess” yet is unable to pay the 79.00 fee to renew his incorporation. 3. A brotha who asks every woman he meets for a loan because his “binesess” are not doing well at the moment.
U DO U - refers to women who put themselves first while in the process of developing relationships with new brothas. i.e. she does not cancel her plans when he comes a callin'
"DLS" Syndrome (Dog Lovin sista syndrome) Refers to women who only deal with men who bring trauma and drama into their lives on a daily basis.
BODYBAGS - the decent brothas that always finish last.